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About Alisha Letarte

You are one decision away from a totally different life!

Real estate is a powerful thing, and a cornerstone in our world. Your home is a space where you can rest, work, and play, and the community surrounding that home can have a profound impact you.  Even an investment property can have an extensive effect on you.  Investment properties, when chosen correctly, become long-term financial freedom and a vital part of a well-established portfolio.

Since I can remember, I began to develop a love for real estate. Growing up as a “military brat,” I have been lucky to see and live in many different places.  I have experienced the moving process from start to finish, and through many different phases of my life! My childhood gave me many opportunities to dream about the house I’d want as an adult, and still today one of my favorite things about working in real estate is trying to picture how the families before experienced that home! 

My enthusiasm for helping others and my outgoing/welcoming approach help me connect with clients and provide them with the best service possible. I have experience working with buyers and sellers; conventional home buyers/sellers, and investors. I am ready to help in any capacity I can, and love the journey of navigating my clients through the home buying process.

In my spare time, you will find me with my husband, Andy, and our two kiddos, Olivia and Connor.  We enjoy attending or participating various sporting events, exploring new places, and cozying up for popcorn and a good movie.